Managed Document Services

Without a document management strategy, an organisation runs the risk of not leveraging the benefits of business process or workflow automation and the risk of not complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Managed Document Services (MDS) provide a structured digital & physical system of storing and managing all documents (including those scanned from paper). They ensure a more collaborative, productive and cost-effective operating environment that improves service delivery and helps to ensure regulatory compliance.


Smart Office Connexion helps organisations enter the digital world of document management, assisting with a comprehensive end-to-end strategy of not only document management, but content management as well.
Smart Office Connexion uses a consultative approach to document and content management strategies, providing a holistic solution designed to meet the unique functions and needs of an organisation, from digitization of paper-based records through to the hosting of document management applications.
Streamlining and automation ensure immediate and efficient retrieval and storage of documentation, while collaboration between departments, heightening efficiency.


Smart Office Connexion’s Managed Print Services (MPS) provide our clients with the benefit of a managed document output solution tailored to meet business objectives and unique requirements.
By offering a flexible, transparent and cost-effective service-based model, Smart Office Connexion aims to keep your business flowing the way it should, with minimum downtime.

Managed Print Services not only reduce your business’s maintenance costs but also controls your printing environment with online reporting tools, which notify your service provider of any major issues or low toner levels.

Smart office Connexion offers a national service infrastructure with varying scales of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) based on your business requirements.


Information Technology
While technology paradigms like cloud computing are transforming the ways in which organisations work, they still have to integrate with WANs and LANS, which means that these have to have the capabilities to provide reliable, high-performance applications and data delivery.
Smart Office Connexion boasts an array of hardware and software IT solutions that are reliable and cost effective.


Content & Information Management
Smart Office Connexion offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions which allow businesses to capture, store, manage and access any content and documents related to business operations and IP.
They provide methods and tools that are equally capable of managing structured and unstructured information, wherever this information may be stored.

Powerful benefits for your business:
– Reduced storage and operating costs through proper consolidation and organisation
– Increased productivity by having the right information at the right time
– Better customer-centricity by making it easier to give customers the information they need, when they ask for it
– Improved business continuity by always having the information required to run the business.
ECM and EIM combine strategies, methods and tools into a powerful, unified system allowing you to manage information in support of key organisation processes through their entire lifecycle.
This includes all manner of content and information, from emails to voicemails, social media feedback to instant messaging, and more traditional documents like PDF’s and databases.
All of this data is integrated into workflow.
The ECM and EIM solutions are designed to support and inform each of these stages:
– Capture – entering information into the system, in whatever form that may be
– Manage – allowing information to be found and used by those who need it
– Store – creating an effective content and information repository
– Archive – preserving information so that it is protected and can be accessed later
– Deliver – putting the right information in front of the right people, at the right time.


Telecoms & VOIP

Stay connected with the latest and best connectivity solutions in the market.
Smart Office Connection provides tailor made solutions to our clients through our Four phase approach:
• Access the business information to find out what is required and what the clients needs are
• Provide our client with a detailed proposal and quotation
• Project planning and installation
• Servicing
Smart Office Connexion communications product range comprises of:
• VoIP IP PABX systems
• Professional Hardware and Software Solutions
• Network Infrastructure
• Video Conferencing
• IP Surveillance
• Connectivity


Smart Office Connexion has a wide range of scanners designed to save time, improve efficiency and aid workflow within an organisation.
Scanner products include:
• Portable scanners
• Desktop scanners
• Production scanners


Smart Office Connexion has partnered with industry leading software brands that enable our clients to streamline their document workflow, gain control and manage their printing cost, increase document security and enable sustainability programs.
Software is seamlessly integrated into the clients multi-functional printers to monitor, measure and manage network wide document output such as copy and print activities, which in turn allows you to easily and accurately monitor and allocate costs to specific individuals, departments or groups.


Governance & Compliance
Smart Office Connexion assists in limiting the risk and cost of non-compliance through proactive document and content management strategies, ensuring the proper business practices are followed and that content is properly captured, stored, managed and disposed of at the appropriate time and at as legislation may prescribe.
Smart Office Connexion aids compliance by helping our clients’ business to:
• Manage records
• Provide access securely to information contained in records
• Provide reasons for administrative decisions
• Ensure the authenticity of records


Information accumulates everyday due to the sheer volume and speed at which organisations work today which leave documentation exposed as staff casually discard documents.
Smart Office Connexion provides a range of shredders that are fast and efficient while not taking up a lot of space in your office including:

• Heavy duty shredders
• Industrial paper shredders
• Personal paper shredders


Print Office Automation Equipment

Smart Office Connexion is recognised as the leading distributor of Multi Brand Office Automation products in South Africa. Our range of products include Multi-function, Single-function and Wide Format Printers.


Paper and Office Consumables

Smart Office Connexion is a brand neutral reseller of office consumables. We offer a comprehensive range of premier brand products which include a wide variety of paper and cartridge based products as well as OEM, re-manufactured and generic print cartridges.


Quality Management

Smart Office Connexion offers Principle Suite – a mobile digital quality management application that will maximise the efficiency and quality of your critical business processes.

With unlimited remote user interfaces (Android OS mobile devices), Principle Suite can be used to perform checks, tests and inspections across various sectors of your business, including:

  • Quality Control
  • ISO Compliance
  • Health & Safety
  • Production Control
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Supplier & Internal Audits
  • Vehicle Inspections

With real-time capturing and review of data on a digital platform, these business processes will be more streamlined with a significantly minimized risk of costly transcription and data capturing errors. And minimized risk means minimized exposure.

Not only will you save reams of paper, but more importantly you will save substantial time thanks to pre-programmed corrective steps and escalation procedures – improving your general productivity and performance. Your compliance will also be most effectively managed using digital auditing that provides faster assessment times.

By offering a 360-degree view of your business with real time alerts, Principle Suite allows for overall smarter and faster decision making.